Honoring Cherished Memories

When we become fans of a certain team or university, we sometimes find ourselves rooting more for the laundry than the player. It’s not always the case but occasionally when a player leaves our favorite team we often feel disappointed or let down because we feel they left for greener pastures. However, often times when it comes to former Bison, we need our time to vent and get over the initial emotions so we can truly be thankful for the time and memories we have made with that player or coach. Sometimes these players that leave our favorite team aren’t leaving us for a different team or a better situation, they sometimes just leave us.

Life is a funny thing, one day we may think we have it all figured out, the next we are consumed by life’s day to day hustle and bustle we lose site of what’s important. As we go through life we keep moving forward and trying to be better than we were the day before. We all have our own beliefs as to what lies beyond our time on earth, some believe that all we are is only what we accomplish during our lifetime and others believe there is a life that lies beyond this one. I believe that there is more waiting for us after our time here is done. The sports world and Bison Nation both hope that to be true. Two coaching legends, Dean Smith and Jerry Tarkanian, and a local Bison standout, Tyler Jangula, all left us this month, and that has left a large hole is many fans hearts both nationally and locally.

The two coaches had hall of fame careers. Dean Smith now has a coaching tree lined with many successful coaches that once studied under him. Both Coaches lived into their early 80’s and one could say they lived very full lives. Tyler, however, has left us far too soon at only 28 years old. We often ask ourselves why, why must a young man in his prime and so loved leave us so soon. We will never know the why, just the when of his passing. I like to think of it as though there was a football game in Heaven and they needed a fullback.

When we lose loved ones it gives us a time to reflect on that person’s life and what they meant to us, our family, or our community. If you are lucky enough you will have an affect on all of them. Part of the reason I got into doing a podcast where I talk to whoever will listen is that I realized that this is what I am good at, it’s my gift. I learned it after the passing of my own maternal Grandmother and knowing that I wanted, no I had to speak at her funeral. I sat at my computer and through the tears I opened up and it all came gushing out, my first eulogy. When my paternal Grandfather passed, it was the same, opening up and the words came flowing out into what would be my next eulogy.

Do I think that when we lose a loved one it will cause us to realize our true calling or ignite a passion that we hadn’t known existed? No, but in a way my podcast helps me to remember my Grandparents, and a talent that I inherited from them. When we do something that reminds us of our lost loved ones, those memories are what keep them alive inside us for as long as we hold on to those memories. At the end of every PodBash I end it the same way as Grandma ended her phone calls to us as a tribute to her. So to Tyler and others we have lost, we will talk to you soon one day. Yup, You Betcha, Mmm Hmm, Bye.

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