Adding features to the PodBash!!!

Over the short time I have been doing this podcast I have been able to interview people with widely different backgrounds and interests.  Ranging from a play-by-play announcer, to an actor, to a fellow podcaster and to a local TV/Radio personality.  I am extremely blessed to be able to do something I love and share it with others, no matter how small an audience we have.

As part of expanding my circle of podcasting friends I have been able to talk with Derek from the WhatTheBuc? podcast and Feesh from the BucsBrief podcast.  Both of these guys are awesome and have offered me help when I have needed advice regarding the PodBash.  Derek was nice enough allow me a few minutes on his podcast and Feesh was a guest on my podcast.

One thing that Derek had on his website that I love is the live Ustream broadcast and the chatroom.  After conversations with Derek and Feesh, I believe (or maybe hope) that I have successfully added these same features to the PodBash!  So please keep and eye out on twitter and facebook for updates to when we will be going live.  We are married fathers of two kids each so a lot of time they are late night recording, but we would love to have you come and chat with us while we record the PodBash.
So come check out our revamped page, You Betcha!! 
Gene & Jace’s PodBash

Episodes 10 through….23!?!

Sorry it has been so long but episodes 10 through 23 are up at !! We interviewed Tom Musgrave from the series Fargo, Feesh from the BucsBrief Podcast and Darren “Doogie” Wolfson from AM 1500. I am working on some upgrades and new features to the website and to the PodBash! It will be very cool if, and that’s a big IF, I can make it work! Leave some feedback and let us know you are out there! You Betcha!!

Gene & Jace’s PodBash